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Christmas musical -2022

Christmas play - December 24th. Are you ready for another full-on Christmas musical production? EVERYONE from 2 years to 102 years is invited to join!!! […]

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  • The Power of a Name September 24, 2022
    Seeking to affirm some children who live on the streets in Mumbai, India, Ranjit created a song of their names. Coming up with a unique melody for each name, he taught them the tune, hoping to give them a positive memory related to what they’re called. For children who don’t regularly hear their name spoken […]
    Amy Boucher Pye
  • The Story Isn’t Over September 23, 2022
    When British drama Line of Duty concluded, record numbers watched to see how its fight against organized crime would end. But many viewers were left disappointed when the finale implied that evil would ultimately win. “I wanted the bad guys brought to justice,” one fan said. “We needed that moral ending.” Sociologist Peter Berger once […]
    Sheridan Voysey


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