Trinity Mar Thoma Church Online Giving:

As we embrace our new virtual ministry, we are introducing online giving as a part of this platform. If your financial institution uses Zelle®, you will be able to make contributions directly to the church. Zelle® is a digital payments network offered by several financial institutions. This service is free of charge, and it is simple to set up an account.

Follow these steps:
1. From a Zelle® partnered financial institution you can use your bank’s website or mobile app. Search for Zelle® and select the option to transfer funds. Once you are on the Zelle® page, select to give by phone number (346-520-4916).
2. Set up the name by inserting in the first name space, “TMC”. In the last name space insert “ACCOUNTS”. Using the Mobile option, enter the following mobile number: 346-520-4916
3. In the message section, please designate how you would like your donation allocated. For example, if your total giving is $200.00, in the message section, tell us how you would like it divided (see example below): Add message: Harvest-$100; Offering-$50; Building Fund-$25; Parish Day Fund-$25 with Church ID
When you submit your gift, you will receive an email from your bank confirming your contribution. The church finance team will also receive a notification. To find out if your financial institution is a Zelle® partner, press the "click here" button below.

Click here


All questions pertaining to receipts should be directed to the Trinity Trustees . You will need to provide your payment confirmation code, which can be found in the payment details from your Bank /Zelle® Activity.

Giving by Mail
Please mail your check or money order, made payable to Trinity Mar Thoma Church, Houston to:

2934 Dawn Haven Lane
Pearland, TX 77584

Please do not send cash in the mail.

    • Make payments using Venmo.
      If you already have a Venmo account: Here‘s the link to “TrinityMTCHoustonVenmo profile. Tap or click it,

Venmo : TMC Business profile name “TrinityMTCHouston”

Venmo Profile:
Venmo: TrinityMTCHouston

If you have questions, please contact the Trustees.

DONATION DISCLOSURE : A donation receipt will be issued for funds received in excess of the fair market value of the promotional product. The Internal Revenue Service does not allow a charitable deduction for the value of goods received. This value will be provided on your receipt.