• Harvest Festival Auction scheduled on Saturday, July 15, 2023 • Online participation option available • Harvest Festival fundraising Breakfast (Starting at 8:30 AM) • Harvest Festival fundraising Snacks […]

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  • I Can See You! October 3, 2023
    The optometrist helped three-year-old Andreas adjust his first pair of glasses. “Look in the mirror,” she said. Andreas glanced at his reflection, then turned to his father with a joyful and loving smile. Andreas’ father gently wiped the tears that slipped down his son’s cheeks. “What’s wrong?” Andreas wrapped his arms around his father’s neck. […]
    Xochitl Dixon
  • The Masterpiece Within October 2, 2023
    Writing in The Atlantic, author Arthur C. Brooks tells of his visit to the National Palace Museum in Taiwan, which contains one of the largest collections of Chinese art in the world. The museum guide asked, “What do you think of when I ask you to imagine a work of art yet to be started?” […]
    Kenneth Petersen


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