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Yuvajana Sakhyam is organizing an art exhibition – Spectra 2022, to showcase drawings and paintings created by Trinity members.

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  • The Telling Room March 26, 2023
    Northern Spain produced a beautiful way of expressing communion and friendship. With the countryside full of handmade caves, after each harvest some farmers would sit in a room built above a cave and inventory their various foods. As time passed, the room became known as the “telling room”—a place of communion where friends and families […]
    Marvin Williams
  • The Reboot of Grace March 25, 2023
    Over the last several decades, a new word has entered our movie vocabulary: the reboot. In cinematic parlance, a reboot takes an old story and jumpstarts it. Some reboots retell a familiar tale, like a superhero story or a fairytale. Other reboots take a lesser-known story and retell it in a new way. But in […]
    Adam R. Holz


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