The Voluntary Evangelists Association was founded in 1924. The believers felt the need for a spiritual renewal in the church, which created a yearning to present the Gospel to others. It was realized that this could not be fully achieved by the services of a few full time evangelists. On the other hand, every member of the church should be a missionary, filled with such joy and assurance of salvation as to be Christ's witness to those who come into contact with him/her, irrespective of one's work or profession, in secular life. Such people have the opportunity to come into contact with others in ordinary human situations and to communicate the Gospel message in a natural setting.

The organization has a 7 point program and they are as follows: 1. Intercessory Prayer 2. Bible Study 3. Sharing of experiences 4. House visit 5. Serving the sick and needy 6. Conducting prayer meetings 7. Gospel work among the people of other faith. The motto of the organization is "Every Marthomite is an Evangelist".

In 1986, the late Most Rev. Dr. Alexander Mar Thoma Metropolitan visited our parish and during the public meeting after the service, Thirumeni officially announced the formation of the Edavaka Mission at Trinity Mar Thoma Church. Past 35 years God blessed the organization to grow and become fruitful for the kingdom of God.  Our parish mission is a registered organization with the Head office at Thiruvalla.

Currently we have 115  members  signed the  registration form and actively participating  the activities.  All members of the Trinity family 18 years of age and above can be members of the organization. We welcome everyone to be part of this great ministry.  The whole hearted financial support and prayers of the trinity families enabling the organization to meet the needs of the organization. We  provide financial  assistance for Marriage assistance, Medical  assistance, House building assistance, Educational assistance and mission activities. We accept any donations to support these activities.  Please contact the office bearers for additional information.


Bi weekly  prayer meetings :   Ist and 3rd Fridays at 7.30 pm

House visits                              :   Wednesdays at 10.00 am

Visiting the sick and seniors :   as needed

Evangelists Christmas gift program  :  Christmas season

Annual convention:                      Summer time.


Trinity Parish mission is participating all activities of the  MTVEA in Diocese level, Region level and South West Center level.


Office Bearers:

President:                            :                  -

Vice President                    :           Rev. Roshen V. Mathews – 713 408 7394

Lay Vice president             :           Mr. Mathew Varghese     -  713 791 3264

Secretary                             :           Mr. Abraham Idiculla       -   713 614 9381

Treasurer                             :           Mr. Babu T. George           -  281 723 1606

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