Asst. Vicar’s Message 

Dear Trinity Family,

It is so amazing to see how fast days pass by and we are entering into the third month of the year 2021. God is continuing to safeguard us in his arms and gifting us plenty of blessings amidst all the tough and problematic situations that we are facing in our day-to-day life. We have to be thankful to him for his divine protection and love. Let me share my prayers and blessings to all the new office bearers and committee members of our church as well as the organisations as they are taking charges in these days. I also want to wish Jacob Achen & family all the blessings as he is assigned to a new parish from May onwards.

We are moving forward to observe another passion week and to celebrate an Easter. Just like other eastern churches, we, the members of Mar Thoma Syrian Church, are observing this year’s Great lent since February 14. It is a time for a spiritual preparation and a period that reminds us about the struggles that our Lord faced during his journey to Calvary and during crucifixion. Before entering into his public ministry, Jesus went on fasting for 40 days and he was spending time in prayer. He could outlive all the temptations that was brought to him by Satan. Lent calls forth us to train ourselves to say no to things that seems unavoidable in our life. It is a time of prioritising God above all and understanding that everything else is least important. We have to spend more time in prayer and meditation and have to train ourselves to overcome the temptations that arise around us.

Many of us might wonder whether these religious practices are relevant. Christian traditions are indivisible part of Christian church and have played a very crucial role in the growth of church. The liturgy, liturgical elements and the liturgical symbols of the church is also equally important. Each church has grown in faith and has transferred it from generations to generation through handing over of traditions and following the liturgy. Each tradition has its own meaning and interpretation. Liturgy is compiled of the prayers that are written according to the biblical understanding and interpretation. Following a tradition without understanding the reason sometimes creates confusion regarding the relevance of the tradition in our mind. I urge you all to dedicate some time to learn more about our liturgy and tradition to make our worship experiences more meaningful and intimate. It will definitely help us to affectionately involve in the passion week services as well as the Holy Qurbana services.

Let us continue to remember all our families in our daily prayers. Each family has their own difficulties and needs. We should be able to support each other, especially through prayer. As many of the families are still missing the in-person worship experiences, contacting each other through phone calls and text messages will be a great gesture to help us all to revitalize the bonding between families. With prayers

Roshen Achen