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VBS 2023

Mark your calendars! VBS is planned for Thursday, July 20th through Saturday, July 22nd. (more details)

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  • Strengthened through Trials June 8, 2023
    The memories flooded back when I rustled through some envelopes and glimpsed a sticker that said, “I’ve had an eye test.” In my mind I saw my four-year-old son proudly wearing the sticker after enduring stinging eyedrops. Because of weak eye muscles, he had to wear a patch for hours each day over his strong […]
    Amy Boucher Pye
  • A Loving Warning June 7, 2023
    In 2010, a tsunami struck the Indonesian island of Sumatra, killing more than four hundred people. But the deaths could have been prevented or minimized had the tsunami warning system been working properly. The tsunami detection networks (buoys) had become detached and drifted away. Jesus said His disciples had a responsibility to warn fellow disciples […]
    Marvin Williams


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