2022 Parish Convention

Please plan to attend the in-person Trinity Parish Convention scheduled from Thursday, October 6 – Sunday, October 9. Speaker: Dr. Thomas George Dr. Thomas George […]

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Christmas musical -2022

Christmas play - December 24th. Are you ready for another full-on Christmas musical production? EVERYONE from 2 years to 102 years is invited to join!!! […]

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  • Grieving and Grateful October 5, 2022
    After my mom died, one of her fellow cancer patients approached me. “Your mom was so kind to me," she said, sobbing. “I’m sorry she died  . . . instead of me.” “My mom loved you,” I said. “We prayed God would let you see your boys grow up.” Holding her hands, I wept with […]
    Xochitl Dixon
  • Our Heart’s True Home October 4, 2022
    “Bobbie the Wonder Dog” was a collie mix separated from his family while they were on a summer vacation together over 2,200 miles from home. The family searched everywhere for their beloved pet but returned heartbroken without him. Six months later, toward the end of winter, a scraggly but determined Bobbie showed up at their […]
    James Banks


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