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VBS 2023

Mark your calendars! VBS is planned for Thursday, July 20th through Saturday, July 22nd. (more details)

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  • The God Who Restores May 30, 2023
    On November 4, 1966, a disastrous flood swept through Florence, Italy, submerging Giorgio Vasari’s renowned work of art The Last Supper under a pool of mud, water, and heating oil for over twelve hours. With its paint softened and its wooden frame significantly damaged, many believed that the piece was beyond repair. However, after a […]
    Kimya Loder
  • Hope That Holds May 29, 2023
    I know Daddy’s coming home because he sent me flowers.” Those were my seven-year-old sister’s words to our mother when Dad was missing in action during wartime. Before Dad left for his mission, he preordered flowers for my sister’s birthday, and they arrived while he was missing. But she was right: Dad did come home—after […]
    James Banks


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