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  • Dig deeper into the Story of God with Bible Gateway Plus May 30, 2024
    “‘In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.’ When I think there was a day when a human hand first wrote those words, I am filled with awe. This sentence is a masterpiece of compression. It approximates as closely as words allow the instantaneous realization of an intent, the bringing into being of […]
    Bible Gateway
  • Savannah Guthrie on the “Bonus Commandment” and Two-Part Salvation May 8, 2024
    What is a favorite Bible passage of yours and why? Choosing your favorite verse is like choosing your favorite child – it’s kind of impossible! A verse I recite to myself often is, “I love the Lord for he heard my voice; he heard my cry for mercy. Because of this, I will call on […]
    Bible Gateway
  • How We Can Live Courageously in a World Full of Suffering May 7, 2024
    By Matt Chandler If you and I are going to be Overcomers and live courageously in this mess, it’d be helpful to understand some of it. After we see ultimate reality in Revelation 4–5, in Revelation 6 we get more help seeing behind all the mess. We get some good news about how we can […]
    Guest Post
  • How ‘All the Genealogies of the Bible’ helps bring clarity on God’s love for us April 25, 2024
    Have you wondered if the Bible’s genealogies are an important part of Bible study? Many of us skim through the genealogies, but they are important and play a part in how we can come to understand the cultural nuances around the time of each person’s life in the Bible. That’s why we are introducing All […]
    Bible Gateway
  • Embracing Our Future in Christ Whatever Happens Next April 16, 2024
    By Robert J. Morgan Anticipation keeps me going. What about you? Do you feel the need to look forward to what’s ahead—a vacation, a weekend at the beach or in the mountains, the birth of a child or grandchild, the diploma that concludes your studies, the day you retire, or even the fresh taste of […]
    Guest Post

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  • House of Worship June 22, 2024
    When Britain’s House of Commons was bombed in World War II, Prime Minister Winston Churchill told Parliament they must rebuild it according to its original design. It must be small, so debates remained face to face. It must be oblong rather than semi-circular, allowing politicians to “move around the center.” This preserved Britain’s party system, […]
    Mike Wittmer
  • Use Me June 21, 2024
    The restless soul is never satisfied with wealth and success. A deceased country music icon could testify to this truth. He had nearly forty of his albums appear on Billboard’s country-music top ten charts and just as many number one singles. But he also had multiple marriages and spent time in prison. Even with all […]
    Arthur Jackson
  • New and Certain June 20, 2024
    For three years, apart from household necessities, Susan didn’t buy anything for herself. The Covid-19 pandemic affected my friend’s income, and she embraced a simple lifestyle. “One day, while cleaning my apartment, I noticed how shabby and faded my things looked,” she shared. “That’s when I started to miss having new things—the sense of freshness […]
    Karen Huang
  • God of Freedom June 19, 2024
    President Abraham Lincoln had emancipated people held in slavery two-and-a half-years earlier and the Confederacy had surrendered, yet the state of Texas still hadn’t acknowledged the freedom of enslaved persons. However, on June 19, 1865, Union army general Gordon Granger rode into Galveston, Texas and demanded that all enslaved persons be released. Imagine the shock […]
    Winn Collier
  • Friend to the Lonely June 18, 2024
    Holly Cooke didn’t have one single friend when she moved to London for a job. Her weekends felt miserable. The city itself tops the list for feeling blue—with fifty-five percent of Londoners saying they’re lonely, according to a global survey, compared to just ten percent of residents in neighborly Lisbon, Portugal. For connection, Holly defied […]
    Patricia Raybon