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  • God Wants to Hear Us Say Yes February 21, 2024
    By Zach Williams One Sunday after church, the pastor found me and said, “Zach, we’ve been watching you and Crystal for a while now as you’ve been involved with the prison ministry and Celebrate Recovery. We’ve seen how much your family has grown and matured. We all feel like God has placed you here. We’ve […]
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  • Meet the Women of God’s Story: Zondervan Releases NIV Kingdom Girls Bible February 19, 2024
    Zondervan, a division of HarperCollins Christian Publishing, is proud to announce the release of the Kingdom Girls Bible in the bestselling New International Version (NIV) translation. The NIV Kingdom Girls Bible is specifically crafted to highlight the stories and lessons of the inspiring, famous, and sometimes infamous women of the Bible. With more than 400 […]
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  • The Power of Pre-Decision February 14, 2024
    By Craig Groeschel It’s safe to say that life is the sum of the decisions we make. Why? Because a successful life is based not on a few big decisions made at a few big moments but on thousands of normal decisions made at thousands of normal moments. As James Clear says, “Every decision you […]
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  • Jesus’ Last Words on the Cross: It Is Finished February 6, 2024
    By Charles Martin If the death of Jesus means something, then I think the doorway to a better understanding is one word. Spoken by Jesus with His last breath, just before He gave His Spirit to His Father. The mushroom cloud rising out of the kingdom of darkness was ignited by one word. Tetelestai—“It is […]
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  • Build a Biblical Foundation for Your Marriage with the NIV Couples’ Devotional Bible February 5, 2024
    Spend time every day with two of the most important elements in your life – your partner, and God’s Word. The NIV Couples’ Devotional Bible from Zondervan includes 260 weekday devotions, perfect for beginning or ending the day with an inspiring lesson from Scripture. These devotions to share will spark conversations about important topics, and […]
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  • Walking in Jesus’ Shoes February 22, 2024
    What would it be like to walk in the shoes of royalty? Angela Kelly, the daughter of a dockworker and nurse, knows. She was also the official dresser for the late Queen Elizabeth for the last two decades of the monarch’s life. One of her responsibilities was to break in the aging queen’s new shoes […]
    James Banks
  • God’s Open Doors February 21, 2024
    At my new school near a large city, the guidance counselor took one look at me and placed me in the lowest performing English composition class. I’d arrived from my inner-city school with outstanding test scores, excellent grades, and even a principal’s award for my writing. The door to the “best” writing class in my […]
    Patricia Raybon
  • God’s Wise Purposes February 20, 2024
    The United Kingdom brims with history. Everywhere you go, you see plaques honoring historic figures or commemorating sites where important events occurred. But one such sign exemplifies the droll British sense of humor. On a weathered plaque outside a bed and breakfast in Sandwich, England, a message reads, “On this site, Sept. 5, 1782 nothing […]
    Bill Crowder
  • Prompted to Pray February 19, 2024
    A co-worker once told me that her prayer life had improved because of our manager. I was impressed, thinking that our difficult leader had shared some spiritual nuggets with her and influenced her prayer life. I was wrong—sort of. My co-worker and friend went on to explain: “Every time I see him coming, I start […]
    Katara Patton
  • In God’s Loving Hands February 18, 2024
    Soren Solkaer spent years photographing starlings and their breathtaking spectacle: murmurations, where hundreds of thousands of starlings move in fluid motion across the sky. Watching this marvel is like sitting underneath an orchestrated, swirling wave or a massive, dark brushstroke flowing into a kaleidoscope of patterns. In Denmark, they call this starling experience Black Sun […]
    Xochitl Dixon