Mexico Mission is the work among the fisher people relocated as a Mar Thoma Community in Matamoros, a city in the northeastern Mexican state of Tamaulipas.

Vision: The overall upliftment and transformation of the fishermen community by providing them infrastructure and living environment, quality education, social support and spiritual nurturing.

Origin: The Mission was established in 2003 under the leaderships of Rt. Rev. Dr. Euyakim Mar Coorilos among the fisher community in Tamaulipas, a group of islands about sixty miles off the eastern coast of Mexico. Houses were built to replace the temporary shacks that they inhabited. When these homes were destroyed by hurricane Emily in 2005, a plot was bought further inland in Matamoros and a housing development named ‘Colonia Mar Thoma’, Spanish usage for Mar Thoma community was inaugurated in May 2008 as part of Valiya Metropolitan's Navathy celebrations.

Project Design: The mission work is focused on the areas of infrastructure & housing, education, food assistance, spiritual development, medical assistance, and economic development. The project coordinator regularly visits the field, interact with the families

Mission Activities:

Worship Service: Holy Communion using Mar Thoma liturgy in Spanish is conducted once a month at the Colonia Mar Thoma chapel. Clergy from the region volunteer to lead the service.

Manna: The program focusses on the regular distributing food and hygienic essentials to the families in need within Colonia Mar Thoma. Distributions occurs once every three weeks and ensure that families are getting balanced and nutritious food with well-balanced diets. Also, a number of programs have been instituted to promote growth and self-sufficiency, like ‘Tree for Family’, tailoring institute, seafood processing facility etc.

Education Program: For lower level, elementary education, a school was run at the Colonia Mar Thoma compound in conjunction with the local government. Tuition expenses, for students attending higher level elementary, middle school, and high school, were covered by the Mission.

Mexico Mission VBS: Mexico Mission Vacation Bible School are conducted every summer based on a theme. Volunteers from across the Diocese travels to Mexico to lead the VBS. Over seventy local children and adults attends the three-day event. It is an occasion of learning scripture, interaction, recreation and fellowship.

In addition to the VBS activities, the volunteers conduct praise & worship sessions in Spanish, take classes to adults create marketing materials for the mission and helps in paining and beautifying the village. Common Lunch and recreation activities provides occasion for the volunteers to interact with the local community

Medical Camps: Medical camps are arranged periodically to provide medical care. People from the community as well as form outside make use of the facility.

Christmas Celebration: The meaning of incarnation is communicated to the community though Christmas celebrations. Organizations and well-wishers from the parishes whole heatedly participate in giving Christmas gifts to the children in the mission field.

Outcome: Through the education program, a number of Colonia Mar Thoma children completed their college education in the fields of Medicine, engineering, nursing, and IT. These individuals are securing jobs in the local communities and offer their voluntary service to the community there.

Need: Continued efforts are in progress such as appointing a full-time missionary with working knowledge in Spanish, improving transportation, proposal to building a new school, enhancing ongoing programs, building a hostel, etc.