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  • SUS Meaning: The Stealthy Teen Slang That’s Keeping Parents Guessing! September 28, 2023
    Slang and chat language are constantly evolving. This type of mainstream communication language welcomes new words and phrases almost every day. “SUS” is one of these many chat acronyms that teens use every day in their chats. You must have spotted this slang on your kids’ mobiles or their social platforms. But do you know… […]
    Lauren May
  • SSDD Meaning: The Startling Teen Slang Parents Should Know About Now! September 27, 2023
    Today, teens often use slang during online or real-life conversations which can baffle those who don’t know what these terms mean. One of the many slang terms we’ve seen using in recent years is SSDD but what exactly does it mean? Thankfully we’re here to help. We’ll give you all the information you need to… […]
    Lauren May
  • SOS Meaning: The Urgent Guide for Parents to Crack the Teen Slang Code! September 26, 2023
    “SOS” is a popular slang that you often see in your kids’ chats. At first glance, you might think it is a cry for help. But do not worry, “SOS” in chats and online conversations usually has no connection to any emergency situation. In the online realm, SOS is commonly used to express annoyance or… […]
    Lauren May
  • GOAT Meaning: The Jaw-Dropping Teen Slang Parents Can’t Ignore! September 25, 2023
    If you have teens who casually use GOAT in conversations whether online or in real life, they are not talking about the animal. Instead, the term GOAT is slang with different meanings depending on the context of the topic/conversation. Most of the time, the term GOAT has a positive connotation and is often used for… […]
    Lauren May
  • Unlocking the ‘Cap’ Slang Mystery: What Every Parent Should Know! September 22, 2023
    Among the seemingly never-ending new list of words parents need to understand, “cap” is another linguistic gem that your teenage kids commonly use in their chats. But do you know exactly what this 3-letter expression means? Here we will unravel the secrets of this popular slang and explore all its meanings. Also, we’ll shed some… […]
    Lauren May

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  • Water Into Wine: The Hidden Lesson in Jesus’ First Miracle September 26, 2023
    By Rabbi Jason Sobel In John 2:1-12, we see Jesus (Yeshua) performing his first miracle at a wedding in Cana. The host ran out of wine, and at his mother’s prompting, Jesus asked the servants to fill six water jars with water. When the master of the banquet tasted the water, it had been turned […]
    Guest Post
  • What the Bible Says About Your Identity in Christ September 5, 2023
    By Hosanna Wong What names are you answering to? It’s easy to forget who we are in the midst of life’s struggles. But, as believers, we can trust what the Bible tells us about our identity in Christ, and how we should live in light of those truths. Today’s post from bestselling author Hosanna Wong […]
    Guest Post
  • What is the Presence of God? August 15, 2023
    By Susie Larson What is the presence of God? Christians often talk about “seeking God’s presence” or praying for God “to be present with us in this place.” But what exactly does that mean? Psalm 16:11 says, “You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence.” […]
    Guest Post
  • Friendship Will Make or Break Your Life August 7, 2023
    By Justin Whitmel Earley I often think about the beginning of the world. You may think that’s a bit strange, but I think you should try it. It goes like this: One day God is being quintessential God, making things from nothing, and he’s doing it with his covenant friends—the Son and the Holy Spirit. […]
    Guest Post
  • Unlock the Depths of Scripture with 4 core Bible study tools July 31, 2023
    Bible Gateway is the online Bible tool. For 30 years we’ve made the Bible available for free, and accessible to anyone who wants to read the Bible. It is the backbone of our faith, and we encourage even deeper Bible study to grow your relationship with Jesus Christ. Studying the Bible, with the right tools, […]
    Bible Gateway

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  • The Masterpiece Within October 2, 2023
    Writing in The Atlantic, author Arthur C. Brooks tells of his visit to the National Palace Museum in Taiwan, which contains one of the largest collections of Chinese art in the world. The museum guide asked, “What do you think of when I ask you to imagine a work of art yet to be started?” […]
    Kenneth Petersen
  • Elegant Design October 1, 2023
    An international research team has created a flapping-wing drone that mimics the movements of a particular bird—the swift. Swifts can fly up to 90 miles per hour and are able to hover, plunge, turn quickly, and stop suddenly. The ornithopter drone, however, is still inferior to the bird. One researcher said birds “have multiple sets […]
    Jennifer Benson Schuldt
  • Least Likely September 30, 2023
    Hollywood gives us larger than life spies who are dashing drivers of flashy Aston-Martins and other luxury sports cars. But Jonna Mendez, a former CIA chief, paints an opposite picture of the real thing. An agent must be “the little gray man,” she says, someone nondescript, not flashy. “You want them to be forgettable.” The […]
    Kenneth Petersen
  • A Giver’s Heart September 29, 2023
    On our last day in Wisconsin, my friend brought her four-year-old daughter Kinslee to say goodbye. “I don’t want you to move,” said Kinslee. I hugged her and gave her a canvas, hand-painted fan from my collection. “When you miss me, use this fan and remember that I love you.” Kinslee asked if she could […]
    Xochitl Dixon
  • Tend Your Garden September 28, 2023
    I was so excited to plant our backyard fruit and veggie garden. Then I started to notice small holes in the dirt. Before it had time to ripen, our first fruit mysteriously disappeared. One day I was dismayed to find our largest strawberry plant had been completely uprooted by a nesting rabbit and scorched to […]
    Karen Pimpo

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