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  • How to Track a Cell Phone Number on Google Maps Remotely without Installing Any App? September 17, 2021
    2017 was a busy year for Google Maps. Google added many new features to their celebrated Maps, including real-time traffic data, local reviews for nearby restaurants, and the ability to drop a pin to find where you parked your car. Most parents are familiar with these functions of Google Maps. You probably use them in… […]
    Lauren May
  • Best 5 Free GPS Tracking Apps for iPhone [2021] August 30, 2021
    There are many reasons why you may want to have a GPS tracker in your life. It could be that you want to keep track of your own location history, because wouldn’t it be nice to have a record of all the places that you’ve visited? Or perhaps you want to keep an eye on… […]
    Alexandria Ingham
  • 3 Easy Ways to Track Location History of a Mobile Number August 22, 2021
    Technology has done a lot of wonderful things for humanity. Right at the top of the list is the ability to stay in touch with each other, which has allowed us to know that our loved ones are safe, no matter where in the world they may be. There are other ways that tech allows… […]
    Alexandria Ingham
  • How to Block Websites on iPhone [with & without ScreenTime] August 15, 2021
    There are several different reasons you might want to block a website on an iPhone. Perhaps you spend too much time procrastinating on certain sites and need to cut distractions, or maybe you would like to protect your children from the many dangers that lurk online by monitoring and restricting their internet use. Thankfully, figuring… […]
    Lauren May
  • Best 5 Child Phone Tracker Apps to Watch Over Your Kids August 8, 2021
    Are you worried about what your child gets up to when you’re not looking? Maybe they have quite a few friends and you’re concerned they’ve fallen in with a bad crowd? Maybe you’re just wondering what they get up to online, seeing as they spend so much time on their phone?  All of these questions… […]
    Alexandria Ingham

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  • How to Live the Bible — Who Will Make Me Free? September 22, 2021
    This is the one-hundred-seventy-fifth lesson in author and pastor Mel Lawrenz’ How to Live the Bible series. If you know someone or a group who would like to follow along on this journey through Scripture, they can get more info and sign up to receive these essays via email here. “I am the LORD, and […]
    Mel Lawrenz
  • Evidence for Jesus’ Veracity Without Using the Bible: An Interview with J. Warner Wallace September 21, 2021
    What would happen if a career homicide detective—who equated belief in Christianity to be equal with belief in the Easter Bunny—used the same investigative approach used to solve modern-day missing person murder cases to determine whether Jesus is who he said he was? Can the truth about Jesus be uncovered, even without a body and […]
    Jonathan Petersen
  • Four Biblical Truths about Sickness and Death September 20, 2021
    By Costi W. Hinn Why do people get sick? This is one of the most pressing questions when it comes to healing, and it must be answered by using the Scriptures. Opinions and abuses abound, so the only way to address this question is to cement ourselves in the truth of God’s unchanging Word. I’ve […]
    Guest Post
  • Monthly Bible Story Activities for Your Children September 17, 2021
    Looking for the perfect way to teach your 6-10-year-old kids about the Bible that’s fun, engaging, AND educational? Sign-up to receive, once a month, the free NIrV Parent Packet, based on the popular easy-to-read New International Reader’s Version Bible translation! [Read the New International Reader’s Version (NIrV) Bible translation on Bible Gateway.] When you sign […]
    Jonathan Petersen
  • Weekly Brief – Week of September 12, 2021 September 17, 2021
    Read this week’s Bible Gateway Weekly Brief newsletter ⇨ Bible Gateway Weekly Brief ⇨ Newsletter signup ▼ Support Bible Gateway—Find the Resources You Need At: ⇨ FaithGateway Store ⇨ Order Resources in Bulk At: ⇨ ChurchSource ▼ ⇨ See Bible News Roundup weekly posts Get biblically wise and spiritually fit. Become a member of […]
    Jonathan Petersen

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  • No Misunderstanding September 22, 2021
    Alexa, Siri, and other voice assistants embedded in smart devices in our homes occasionally misunderstand what we’re saying. A six-year-old talked to her family’s new device about cookies and a dollhouse. Later her mom received an email saying that an order of seven pounds of cookies and a $170 dollhouse were on their way to […]
    Anne Cetas
  • Truth, Lies, and Vigilantes September 21, 2021
    During the 2018 baseball season, a Chicago Cubs coach wanted to give a baseball to a young boy sitting by the dugout. But when the coach tossed the ball toward him, a man scooped it up instead. Video of the event went viral. News outlets and social media skewered this “brute” of a man. Except, […]
    Winn Collier
  • An Unexpected Guest September 20, 2021
    Zach was a lonely guy. When he walked down the city streets, he could feel the hostile glares. But then his life took a turn. Clement of Alexandria, one of the church fathers, says that Zach became a very prominent Christian leader and a pastor of the church in Caesarea. Yes, we’re talking about Zacchaeus, […]
    Poh Fang Chia
  • Unbreakable in Jesus September 19, 2021
    Louis Zamperini survived, somehow. His military plane crashed at sea during the war, killing eight of eleven men onboard. “Louie” and two others clambered into life rafts. They drifted for two months, fending off sharks, riding out storms, ducking bullets from an enemy plane, and catching and eating raw fish and birds. They finally drifted […]
    Mike Wittmer
  • The Sweet Aroma of Christ September 18, 2021
    I knew a rancher who lived near Lometa, Texas. His two grandsons were my best friends. We would go into town with him and follow him around while he shopped and chatted with the folks he knew. He knew them all by name and he knew their stories. He’d stop here and there and ask […]
    David H. Roper

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