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  • How to Block Instagram on iPhone for Free? November 23, 2022
    Don’t think your child is addicted to Instagram? Think again. In 2021, studies found that 57% of American children between the ages of 12 and 17 used Instagram every week. Listen, we get it. Instagram is a great app for keeping in touch with friends and family, but it can also be a source of temptation for… […]
    Lauren May
  • How Old Do You Have to Be to Have Snapchat? November 17, 2022
    There are about 347 million active Snapchat users in 2022. In comparison to many other apps, this number is low, but Snapchat is still a popular app. Kids often start developing an interest in Snapchat in middle school or high school. Has your child downloaded the app yet? You might be wondering “How old do you have to… […]
    Lauren May
  • Best 5 Ways to Turn Off Internet Access at Night October 24, 2022
    The internet is a great resource, but it can also be a huge distraction. If you’re trying to get some rest or focus on work, the last thing you need is to be bombarded with notifications and requests for your attention. Or, if your kids are trying to sleep, you may want to limit their… […]
    Lauren May
  • How to Find My iPhone From Another iPhone? October 7, 2022
    Are you trying to find your iPhone using another iPhone? Whether you lost your device or you’re trying to help a friend track down theirs, there are several ways you can locate a missing iPhone. In this article, we’ll show you how to use the Find My app on another Apple device to find a… […]
    Lauren May
  • How to Find a Lost iPhone Without Find My iPhone (Step-by-Step Guide) September 30, 2022
    Losing your iPhone can be a nightmare. With all of your important contacts, photos, and other data stored on the device, you must find a way to get it back as soon as possible. While the “Find My iPhone” feature is a great way to track down a lost or stolen device, what do you… […]
    Lauren May

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  • The Expositor’s Bible Commentary, Abridged: Popular in Bible Gateway Plus November 20, 2022
    Since its release as part of the Bible Gateway Plus library, the Expositor’s Bible Commentary, Abridged edition has become one of the most popular study resources available to Bible Gateway Plus members. The Abridged edition of the Expositor’s Bible Commentary is based on the original 12-volume set used by pastors, students and scholars around the […]
    Bible Gateway
  • Zondervan Releases the Revised and Updated KJV Thompson Chain-Reference Bible November 18, 2022
    Zondervan, a division of HarperCollins Christian Publishing, is proud to announce the release of the Thompson® Chain-Reference® Bible, Revised and Updated in the King James Version (KJV). This is the second updated and revised edition of a Thompson Chain-Reference Bible since Zondervan acquired the Bible line from Kirkbride Bible Company in 2020. “We are honored to […]
    Zondervan Bibles
  • Growing Gratitude November 15, 2022
    By Christopher Reese As we approach Thanksgiving, our thoughts turn to giving thanks for all the good things the Lord has done and provided, especially since the beginning of the year.  At the same time, we know that gratitude is a virtue that we should continually pursue as followers of Christ.  In what follows, we’ll […]
    Guest Post
  • Pray Like a Band of Wild, Unruly Monks November 9, 2022
    By Tyler Staton The way to pray like Jesus taught us to pray includes this unavoidable invitation: learn to live like a monk in the ordinary world. Historically speaking, this is the drum that God’s people have always been beating. In the Hebrew tradition, which contains the very roots of the Christian faith, there has […]
    Guest Post
  • Is Matthew Henry’s teaching still relevant for today? November 8, 2022
    For 300 years, Matthew Henry has been one of the church's most trusted and quoted teachers. But is his teaching still relevant for today? The post Is Matthew Henry’s teaching still relevant for today? appeared first on Bible Gateway Blog.
    Aaron Armstrong

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  • Blessed Repentance November 26, 2022
    “BROKE” was the street name Grady answered to and those five letters were proudly emblazoned on his license plates. Though not intended in a spiritual sense, the moniker fit the middle-aged gambler, adulterer, and deceiver. He was broken, bankrupt, and far from God. However, all that changed one evening when he was convicted by God’s […]
    Arthur Jackson
  • Enduring Hope November 25, 2022
    Doctors diagnosed four-year-old Solomon with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a progressive muscle-degenerating disease that primarily affects boys. A year later, doctors discussed wheelchairs with the family. But Solomon protested that he didn’t want to have to use a wheelchair. Family and friends diligently prayed for him and raised funds for a professionally trained service dog to […]
    Xochitl Dixon
  • Hopes and Longings November 24, 2022
    When I moved to England, the American holiday of Thanksgiving became just another Thursday in November. Although I created a feast the weekend after, I longed to be with family and friends on the day. Yet I understood that my longings weren’t unique to me. We all yearn to be with people dear to us […]
    Amy Boucher Pye
  • Trusting Our Future to God November 23, 2022
    In 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz made the first purchase with bitcoin (a digital currency), paying 10,000 bitcoins for two pizzas. In 2021, the value of those bitcoins would have been roughly $685 million. Back before the value skyrocketed, he kept paying for pizzas with coins, spending 100,000 bitcoins total. If he’d kept those bitcoins, their value […]
    Winn Collier
  • Faith in Action November 22, 2022
    A tornado blew through a community on a June evening in 2021, destroying a family’s barn. It was a sad loss because the barn had been on the family property since the late 1800s. As John and Barb drove by on their way to church the next morning, they saw the damage and wondered how […]
    Anne Cetas

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